Our NFT Gift

Digital Pioneers NFT – The SYZYGY Performance Christmas Gift 2022

With this year’s SYZYGY Performance Christmas present, we would like to break new ground together.

For us, digital marketing has been our daily business for almost 20 years and yet we deal with new topics every day, and that’s exactly what makes a digital pioneer: The curiosity to enter new territory and to have the right goals in mind.

That’s why this year we have designed an NFT collection called “Digital Pioneers”. An NFT is unique and so is your NFT.

The gift this year is digital only and at the same time carbon neutral. Our NFTs are based on the Ethereum blockchain, whose energy consumption is reduced by 99.95% percent thanks to technical updates. Read more about this in our further information.

How you’ll get your gift

To receive your NFT, you need your own digital wallet and an ID to which we can assign the individual NFT. More details on this topic in the further information.
Creating a wallet is quite simple, here on the site we explain the individual steps using the example of the crypto wallet MetaMask with written instructions. MetaMask is the most common wallet, but it also works with any other that is compatible with Ethereum.

Please collect the NFT by 02/01/2023, after which the NFTs will be offered for sale on a virtual marketplace, the proceeds will be donated to a non-profit organization


Step 1

Creation of a digital wallet

Please note: If you decide to use metamask.io, use the link below to do so.

Step 2

Select browser or operating system. 

Recommendation: Install MetaMask on the desktop. The web version is easier to understand than the app.


Step 3

Install, add extension and create password.

The extension can be pinned in the web browser so that you can find the MetaMask wallet faster.

The password is just the password for the MetaMask extension in the corresponding web browser. It is not linked to the wallet.

Step 4

Backup key. 

The backup key, consisting of twelve words, is the password to the wallet.


Step 5

Share the ID with SYZYGY Performance. 

It is best to send the ID as a reply to the email you receive.

Once we received the ID, we can assign the personal NFT to your wallet and it will be yours!

The Digital Pioneers Collection

Find the whole collection on OpenSea.

The Artist

Oksana Samotiy

Art Director

SYZYGY Performance

More information

If you are interested in more information about the project, you can find explanations about the following topics:

  • NFT
  • Energy consumption of NFT
  • Blockchain
  • Value of NFT Art
  • MetaMask
  • OpenSea
Feel free to reach out with any questions
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